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Tiziana's Beginner Weight Loss Workout #2



Part two of Tiziana's Beginner Weight Loss Workout.

Thank you Tiziana!

I loved this workout!  I have been off for quite a while and I jumped back in with this video.  Super!  My only question is where is Workout #1?  I only see #2, so that is why I started with this one.  It was level 3 so I figured it would be a good starting point.  I couldn't keep up with the kicking part either, but that will be my challenge part to overcome.  I'm not in shape, so I don't expect to be able to do the videos perfectly the first time anyway.  There are always parts that I have to work on, but if I can keep up to some degree I count that as a win.  Can't wait for the next video!  I'm excited to be back jumping again:)

Great video! I just wish there was a slower intro to the  kicking moves, you lost me there as I just couldn't keep up

This was a great workout to start the day!

Great workout, but i have a question.. is this really a level 1?? I am struggling to keep up-

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