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Tiziana's Beginner Weight Loss Workout #1



Simple cardio workout to start getting acquainted with bellicon and the most productive steps to build heart rate.

Great intro work out.. I actually finished the full workout, it wasn't to hard I didnt want to run away..

Excellent beginner video[:01:]

War genau der richtige Einstieg! Toll und Danke! EdMa[:01:]

Sadly I got out of the habit of using my Bellicon due to some health issues. I gained weight and definitely lost flexibility and balance. I am committed to getting back to using my Bellicon consistently. This was a great re-introduction.  Previously I could get through a 30 minute video. Could barely complete this but I persevered and finished. No where to go but up! 

This is a tough workout for beginners but it keeps you motivated it was fun I could not do everything exact but I hung in to finish the time out at my pace 

that was amazing. great work out . thanks 


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