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Tiziana's Beginner Weight Loss Workout #1



Simple cardio workout to start getting acquainted with bellicon and the most productive steps to build heart rate.

Hi Tiziana,
This was fun! I can't tell if I am engaging my glutes, do you have any trick to do it? 
Also, for weight loss most of my weight is in belly fat - skinny everywhere else! along with this cardio is there any moves you suggest to do, I have never been able to do sit ups, even as a little kid when I was super skinny, was thinking planking but I would love your suggestions. Thanks, you are fantastic! [:01:]

Hat Spaß gemacht

très bonne vidéo [:01:] avec des mouvements de base mais efficace, , avec une voix off française se serait mieux 

very good video [:01:] with basic but effective movements, with a French voice over would be better [:13:]

Just restarting my exercise program after being sick.  I wanted to jump back where I  had stopped but I knew that was not smart. I knew I needed to go back to beginner level  to reintroduce my body to the workouts.  This exercise was the perfect get back on track exercise for me.  I loved it.  It felt good to get back on board without overdoing it or worrying about hurting my knee or back.
Thank You[:02:]

This was my first Bellicon workout and it was great for beginners. 

love incorporating the step ups!!

Loved this video! I am 60 years old and just starting to finally start using by Bellicon after purchasing it a year ago. This was just the right intensity and length for me. Grazie mille, Tiziana! Più per favore!

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