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Cardio Ballet Sculpt



Get a serious muscle and calorie burn in this fusion of ballet inspired barre work mixed with intervals of dance inspired bouncing. You will LOVE this creative workout.

great workout!

Stephanie, I really loved this tough and sweaty barre workout! I hope you do more like this one! [:01:]

This is a great workout - thanks, Stephanie.  I do not have the vertical bar on my Bellicon but I easily used the back of a kitchen island barstool instead.  Since you only need fingertips on the bar for stability, the barstool worked well.  

A well planned workout,  targeting many areas of the body. I really loved it and will be repeating it many times. Thank you so much for keeping us motivated!

This was tough but I did it!  Great workout....loved the variety of different moves...  :)

Wow!  What a fantastic workout!  I really enjoyed the variation in the moves and even though I only got through 30 minutes, I can tell I will be more tight and toned (in all the right places) the more often I can do this workout.  Time does fly by while doing this workout.  It is both fast paced and targeted on muscle groups while still being a fun and enjoyable time.  Keep up the great work Stephanie Perry!  I am a Dallas, TX neighbor!  

I liked your workout. The time is running by doing it. 
Greetings from Germany

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