Upper Body Blast



This workout is a more intense upper body workout. Many different power exercises are included. Recommend for a higher fitness level.

Great Job and Arnita are my Favorites; you and she have a passion, intensity and excitement that goes "VIRAL" lol lol lol.  God Bless You and THe GOOD YOU DO!!!! Thanks!!!! 

Jeremy always does such a great job teaching, demonstrating and encouraging.

Definately for experienced bouncer.not many teaching points.more demonstrating.

You Killed it AGAIN Jeremy . You are AWESOME!!!!

I love Jeremy's workouts..... they always make me sweat!!

This is a nice repetitive moves workout. Merci Jeremy for the sweat!

Fabulous workout. Perfect blend of strength cardio and high intensity, without being too choreographed and confusing.  Sometimes a few simple, effective moves are best.  Thank you.

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