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Light Balance & Coordination



Join Sarah for this light balance and coordination challenge. A perfect intro for any age or level.

Where can I find the T-Bar stabilizer? I have a 49 in Bellicon.

Enjoyed I haven't bounced in awhile this will help me get warmed up and back into it.[:01:] I need to be on a beginner plan and need to tone up I have within the last 6 months lost 29 lbs.

what a great warm-up. You are an excellent teacher. Youmade reference to an earlier video. Am I able to have access to that earlier video? Keep up the great work.[:01:]

Hi, Sarah, this was my first training after breaking a bone in my foot -> I could do it pain-free and it was really fun to move again ;-)). I feel so much better now.Thank you!

I love this!!! Thank you Sarah!!

Good quickie/recovery day bounce, and good use of the towel to increase body awareness. Loved those tights, Sarah. [:11:]

still having trouble with calves and bouncing when my legs move side to side, but I do bounces if I can't.  I'm going to keep at it until I get it.

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