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Wave Bye Bye to Saggy Arms



Tighten, tone and strengthen your biceps, triceps and shoulders with this 15 min power punching, dip dropping workout.

WOW- that was impossible for me to finish each set - I did as many reps as I could and then jumping jacks until the next round.  I’m going to keep coming back to this one until I can do all the reps! Great workout! Arnita you make difficulty really fun. Thanks!


Love it!  Arnita keeps me motivated and I push it harder listening to her talk.

Amazing Arnita!  Loved it and I was a sweaty mess!  Your ab, leg and arm workouts are the best and most creative I’ve ever done.  So challenging yet so fun!  Your inspiring!   More, more , more please!!!

Arnita - you rock!!  If I could bottle your energy and enthusiasm you would be my daily vitamin! Thank you!

[:01:]Great workout! Keep them comingI told them about your workouts when I bought my Bellicon, so excited to see you joined the team!
Keep us bouncing,

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