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Get Ready, Set, Bounce!



Runners and hurdlers, give your legs a break from pounding the pavement and hit the mat instead of the track with these powerful cross training moves.

Wow! What a tough workout! I had to modify some, but I hung in there.

I did it! 55 years young. I did it! Love you Arnita! You are my inspiration!

Wow, pistol squats! What a great challenge!

So happy to have you and your beautiful soul and energy!

Great motivator, I’m sweating!!

As with all of Arnita´s workouts, she challanges us.  I like the different moves.  Is it just me or after the pistol squat series, only one of the legs were worked on? It must have been tough out in the rain.  It looked cold so thanks for keeping the motivation high, Arnita.

This was fun! Combos I’ve never tried before but using the bellicon makes them that much easier yet challenging at the same time. Thank you! My tool box has added some new exercises :) : ) : )

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