This workout focuses on cardio training, with some power exercises. Improve your endurance with sprints and jogging during this 20 min workout.

LOVE this workout

Ah, just delicious. Great workout to start the day with and warm up my body before doing a kettle bell workout.

I love Jeremy's workouts in general. His attitude, his cueing, his voice, his choice of moves. This particular one is now my favourite cardio workout. Just the right amount of time, not too hard, doable, and fun. Thanks! 

This workout is supposed to be 18 minutes.  When you start the workout the countdown clock starts at 27 minutes.  I was confused and thought I started the wrong video.  I love this workout but the countdown clock needs to be corrected.  Thanks.

Great Workout Jeremy..... THANK are AWESOME!!!! Kean 

Great Job Jeremy..You KILLED IT!!!! Love your workouts!!!!!

The best ! Great fast workout ! Please more of this [:06:][:06:]

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