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Bounce Burn Amplified



Torch those calories and lift your buns at the same time with this advanced bounce routine. Lots of fun knee lifts and kicks!

Love your workouts!  Always feel like I've gotten my body to the right level of exercise to start my day with confidence and poise!  

New Favorite GO TO !!  Thanks for stretching my abilities with the leg lifts!  whew  

Hi Stephanie, I really love this because it's a half hour but you sweat the whole time. Can you really burn 600 calories in a half hour though? On the elliptical at the gym I could go for 40 minutes and only burn 200 or so. I'd much rather jump with you. So much more fun. 

great workout. Love Stephanie!

that was still great Stephanie! I appreciate all your encouragement! Not every person is the same. You do you well


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