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Bounce Burn Amplified



Torch those calories and lift your buns at the same time with this advanced bounce routine. Lots of fun knee lifts and kicks!

I admit that I was not a fan of Stephanie´s workouts from the first one posted. I stayed away for a while after that but boy-oh-boy am I glad I gave her workouts a second chance. This and the last few she has done have been some of the best if not the BEST I have done on the Bellicon platform. Thank you Stephanie! Bellicon, I do not know if there are more like me out there, but these higher intensity workouts is what I would like more of. The others just do not do it for me. I had started to wander for inspiritation elsewhere.

This workout really crept up on me.  Love the last 15 minutes!


Great Workout! :) I like that there is more variety in the music. Very motivating, keep on going :)

Great workout. Keep these longer high intensity workouts coming. 

First workout with you but  after hearing "OK guys!" 153 times it distracted me from what could have been a fantastic workout. [:08:]

Very challenging video - fast paced and different moves that work all planes. I have no dance background and am as graceful as a pile driver, but what the heck, I'll keep at it.

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