Bounce Your Abs



Bounce Your Abs

Arnita, awesome workout! You are so much FUN!

Arnita is a champ.  This is the first out of the 750 Bellicon workouts I have done that I was not able to finish.  Really good and it gives the incentive to come back and conquer it. Most of the Bellicon workouts on abs are plank-focused.  Since I have problems with my shoulder I am not able to do them properly.  This workout addresses that. Thank you.

Arnita, thank you-what an incredible ab workout!!! I feel your workouts for 3 days afterwards!!!  They and you  are the bomb!!!  This is my new fav for abs- more workouts for all parts pleeeeeeease!!!!  I enjoy the burn they offer so much!!  

Wow, this is a heavy one, but let‘s do it for strong abs! Great workout, thanks!

Phew!!!!  Love it!

Omg Arnita!!!!  I didn't keep up but I pushed thru and probably reaped some major benefits all the same.  Welcome back to the platform!!!

Wow, you are a fitness machine! I could barely do this workout modified to my level lol. I bet I will feel it tomorrow. 

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