Speed & Agility



This workout focuses on cardio training and power exercises. Your endurance will be improved with sprints and jogging.


I'm all ready, that was awesome. But I'm sure you're as sweaty as I am Jeremy. Thank you for this great exercise.

I've been doing this routine for a while and NEVER Attempted the tuck jump n the final sequence ....  I finally did it!!  So proud AND exhausted at 66

Just figuring out that my weight/knees shouldn’t be over the big toes.  Guess that means tush pushes back and more hip hinge...?  I’d like to get those posture correction details peppered in consistently throughout the workouts.  Just as quick reminders, so I keep my form more often than not.  ;-)

Great workout, good variety too.  I worked up a sweat for sure.  Thx!

Thank you for your support, your deep grounded relaxed energy.

Great aerobic workout! Going to be another favorite

[:01:]Power pur - Love it!

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