Speed & Agility



This workout focuses on cardio training and power exercises. Your endurance will be improved with sprints and jogging.

Thanks Jeremy!  That was my first level 9 and boy was it ever.  Cheri

Cool Jeremy!! [:01:]

Fantastic! Thank you!

Wow..Jeremy you are in Great Shape...You KILLED Me on That One, But I LOVE IT!!! It was a "quick agile" DEATH!!! IF you are "going to go"..that's the proper lol lol. Thanks!!! Kean 

Wow fantastic just love this plan so addictive Thankyou so much I need to send a photo of your bell icon in my studio Ningaloo Pure Moves it has given me back cardio after two knee reconstructions 2 years apart. Thankyou so much

amazing very quick very efficient, I also play tennis so I find this workout really great in my daily rouitine. Love it!

wow!  that was a great workout Jeremy;)  Thanks for the encouragement!

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