Speed & Agility



This workout focuses on cardio training and power exercises. Your endurance will be improved with sprints and jogging.

amazing very quick very efficient, I also play tennis so I find this workout really great in my daily rouitine. Love it!

wow!  that was a great workout Jeremy;)  Thanks for the encouragement!

Workout mostly for LEGS, GLUTES and CORE... with cardio and sweating. 
Merci Jeremy, I will add this one in my favorites :-)

Got a great little sweat going with this one-thanks Jeremy:)

Wow! Heavy workout! POWERRRRRR!!!

Great workout! Thanks Jeremy. This was Day 6 of my 50 Day Challenge.

The length of this one was great for high intensity. I appreciated the one legged work that included jumps.

For most of these moves, I could not do them, in the past, on the hard floor due to foot and ankle issues. I can, however, do them now in this format and my lower extremities are strengthening.

I'm going to feel more confident going into ski season this year! thanks.

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