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Amplify your calorie burn with this interval style workout combing athleticism and grace to keep your metabolism elevated all day long!

Love your workouts! Super fun, lots of variety...time flies, but I know I’ve gotten a great workout![:06:][:06:][:06:]

Wau (german) ,  very good 
Thank you

Great workout.  So far my favorite workout.  I love the high intensity and longer workout time videos.  

Good morning from sunny Tel Aviv :-) Awesome workout!!! Thank you Stephanie.

Another awesome workout! More videos please

I love your videos, Stephanie but I wish the camera could zoom in on your feet (and also show a side view) when you introduce a new move.  The movements are very slight in many cases and I always have to stop bouncing and get up really close to my screen to see what your feet are doing.  Maybe it's because I'm not familiar with ballet positions, but I want to make sure I'm doing them correctly! Thank you

great workout1

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