Blast + Burn



Amplify your calorie burn with this interval style workout combing athleticism and grace to keep your metabolism elevated all day long!

Really enjoyed it! Thank you.

Amazing workout

This is Pilates while jumping. Best of both worlds. When you do the ballet steps you really have to concentrate to get your thighs involved. It's not a cross cross which I didn't understand last time I did it. Great job Stephanie! Wish there was more classes with you.

love it thanks

I like the nature and intensity of the workout, but the cueing with just one camera position wasn't nearly enough for me, so I stopped half way thru. I'll try another one of your videos. Hopefully it's just this one.

Awesome workout Stephanie. You do a great job with the prompts before switching positions. Thank you!

Really good.  But I agree that it would be good to have some zoom in on footwork.  I did not get the whole hopscotch move.  [:13:]

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