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Amplify your calorie burn with this interval style workout combing athleticism and grace to keep your metabolism elevated all day long!

love it thanks

I like the nature and intensity of the workout, but the cueing with just one camera position wasn't nearly enough for me, so I stopped half way thru. I'll try another one of your videos. Hopefully it's just this one.

Awesome workout Stephanie. You do a great job with the prompts before switching positions. Thank you!

Really good.  But I agree that it would be good to have some zoom in on footwork.  I did not get the whole hopscotch move.  [:13:]

Love your workouts! Super fun, lots of variety...time flies, but I know I’ve gotten a great workout![:06:][:06:][:06:]

Wau (german) ,  very good 
Thank you

Great workout.  So far my favorite workout.  I love the high intensity and longer workout time videos.  

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