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Outdoor Cardio Challenge



Bring your bellicon outside with our full body cardio challenge!

Sarah, so grateful for this one. You make it fun to workout hard. Thank you for the constant stomach in reminder. Really awesome class! How much weight do you use and what is max you recommend on bellicon?

A wonderful full workout  Thank you!

This was one of my favorite workouts I’ve created so far. Thanks for the great feedback!!

P.S. agree with the comment about liking the pace. Also, I appreciate when you and the other instructors tell us what strength bungee you are using.

Really enjoyed the length and intensity of this video! I love the outdoor setting but would urge the camera person to avoid the overhead shots only because I was unsure of what you were doing when they cut to that shot. Otherwise, very appreciative and will continue coming back to this video. Thanks again.

Great workout!

Loved this workout.  It was definitely challenging.. I really like Sarah's pace and enthusiasm,

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