Full Body Burn



This videos offers an intense whole body workout, which improves your endurance as well as your power and balance. Finish with some stretching exercises.

Love it - quick & dirty ;)

Hi Jeremy, I love your workouts (as previously mentioned) but I am still not very good at sit ups...however, I can see big improvements when I am doing the plank exercise now (which I was not able to do at all previously)... so I am getting there :-) . Thanks for your awesome videos! 

...still too much muscle ache from yesterday - but I will manage this program this week - tschacka!

I love your workouts but unfortunately I am not very good at sit ups as I can't move my upper body off the bellicon very much. :-( 

Forderndes Training!!! Super zum Tagesstart!!!

great workout!!

Aweaw! Great spike levels

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