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Build strength and whittle those waistlines using the rebounder as a prop with this creative and fun ab routine!

Hi Stephanie. 
Great video, thanks.
A question please - during the last exercise, when you twist with knees together and one leg straight, are you trying to keep both hips on the bellicon, or does he opposite hip lift off?
Thanks, Melanie

Love this exercise.  Great tummy work in a short period of time.

Thank you[:02:]

this was a killer core workout, loved it!!

This felt great!  Thanks for the workout.

[:01:] Great ab workout!  looking forward to more of your workouts!! Love to see more ballet barre too![:11:]

Great Ab workout!!!  Thank you!!

[:01:] I really like this ab workout and have just two suggestions to make it one of my top FAVES! First, Stephanie, you're GORGEOUS, but with your fair hair and skin, you "disappear" into the white background, which makes it difficult to see you/your moves, especially when watching while lying down. It would be great if your future vids could be shot against a darker background! Second, it's helpful to have more frequent verbal "prompts" concerning proper form (again, while lying down, it's easier to listen than to watch ...) It's been necessary to watch the video through a couple of times first (without exercising along) in order to view the finer points of instruction, proper form, etc. Thanks for listening! Great to see you on the Bellicon Team!!

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