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Body Sculpting Pilates Workout



Bring your pilates to the bellicon mat for a great match of core + cardio. These pilates moves will create a slim physique and strong core without adding bulk.

Great addition after a cardio workout, really love the way you teach Fayth, thanks, it is so much fun.

I love pilates on the bellicon. Would really like to see some more advanced videos!

I really miss new videos with Fayth...[:05:]

Hi, I've tried watching this video 2x and it always stalls.  I'm not sure why I have an issue with this video and none of the others... Must be a glitch some how? 
Otherwise a good video for Pilates. 

I live in Sarasota and own a Pilates studio. I am a new owner of a Bellicon and I absolutely love it! If you come back to Sarasota, it would be amazing to have a class with you. 

Hi Fayth, 
Another amazing and incredible video and felt like I was outside taking the class with you (not to mention the beautiful sunny weather!) :)
I love your passion throughout the routine and had my shake was going on too! :) The combo of the core and cardio was awesome too!
Just for the record, your voice is so engaging and wonderful... never stop your "chatter"during your routine.... that is the essence of a great instructor and I love it!!

Thank you Fayth, loved this workout. It's chilly in Sydney but I'm warm from the inside out now!
It is so great to even just hear where you emphasise the breath in your workouts, so simple but so essential.
Thanks, Anna

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