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Body Sculpting Pilates Workout



Bring your pilates to the bellicon mat for a great match of core + cardio. These pilates moves will create a slim physique and strong core without adding bulk.

I love this video and have already seen a difference in body tone please make more like this; have not done Pilates before and found the instructions easy to follow and the music just adds to the mood so well thank you

Love it. Can't wait for more Pilates videos. 


Nice workout.  What strength bungees are you using?  I find that when I sit on bellicon my knees are much higher than my butt, can that be from my weight or bungee strength?

Das Geplapper ist unerträglich.  Man muß sich so anstrengen um zwischen all dem Geschnatter die Trainingsanweisungen herauszufinden. 

Love it! So great to join you by the water, I'm a little too far inland and missing the ocean! The kyaker with dog really brought a smile to my face. Always enjoy your workouts. <3

That was great.  I lost the connection and turned on fast forward so I probably didn’t get credit for it but at least I know I did it!

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