Ballet Burn



Challenge your cardiovascular system with this barre and bounce fusion workout. Mixing athleticism and grace. This routine targets your entire body while giving you a serious calorie burn!

Wow!! It was wonderfrul. I will have to do it many times before I can keep up, but it was a great workout.  Excellent instructions

That was an awesome full body workout! Love your energy! More barre/bounce workouts, please![:06:][:06:][:06:]

Great workout! I love the longer videos. Also looking forward to more Barre videos. Thank you!

this workout is so good I had to feel it again in my body, second time done! amazing work Stephanie, thank U

fantastic session!! You are an energy bomb Stephanie, thank You

This is a great challenging workout. Happy to burn 500 cals after pizza night.

Great workout. Thank you for longer advanced workout. Hope to see more challenging workouts in the near future. 

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