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Coordination Beach Bounce



Coordination Beach Bounce

Er waren 2 video's over elkaar. Spraak kwam niet overeen met de oefeningen. 
There were 2 videos about each other.

Goodness me Bellicon this isn't the standard of editing I'd expect from you. The video that I could watch was great but as everyone else is saying (for a few weeks now)  3/4 of the way in it's all over the place and you have no clue what's going on. If a new person was watching this it would put them off watching the other video's. Please sort it out!

Great routine but the editing was all wonky? Still enjoyed it though! Thank you Jeremy.

Great video. Need to check the editing. 

Great! Sometimes this is just enough, focus on posture. Love the beach, too

Thanks, Jeremy! A great stress-reliever.

le décor est superbe , très reposant  , Merci Jeremy pour cette séance [:01:]

the decor is beautiful, very relaxing, thank you Jeremy for this session[:01:] 

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