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Beautiful Bottom Burn



Tone and lift your backside by the famous Ringling Brothers bridge in Sarasota Florida.

You are awesome Fayth! 

Didn't have bands but still felt it gonna get some bands for next time always love your workouts faith 

Nice lower body workout with a bit of cardio.  I agree with the other comments - a longer version would be appreciated, perhaps a few rounds of leg-cardio-leg-cardio (differing movements) before cooling down.  [:01:]

Thank you Faith, loved this workout!

That was awesome..not sure if my bands were as good as they are round ones.  The flat ones look more thigh friendly.  I would welcome more band workouts as they help to stretch my back and shoulder which is sore after a neck injury.  My physio recommends that I stretch using it, so stretchy band work outs would be great...Congratulations on your baby by the way!

Well-designed, Fayth. I like how you can make that one as difficult as you need by using heavier bands (or none at all if the body isn't ready for bands). Loved the sunshine and water. [:06:]

Thank you Fayth. It’s not quite Florida here. Raining and cold, but all the more a promising workout for future beach days. 

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