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Shred & Burn Weight Loss Workout



Shred & Burn Weight Loss Workout

As always Jeremy, AWESOME workout and cool down!  (I loved the tennis court inspiration for my game tonight ;-)

Thank you Jeremy for another great workout!

Perfect! I really appreciate that you included a cool down phase. This workout feel complete. Thank you.

OMG.... that's a perfect one for abs, glutes and calorie burn!!!!! Merci Jeremy :)

Occasionally while I am bouncing  my iPad shuts down and I have to restart it. But the videos don’t allow you to fast forward to where you left off, you have to start again at the beginning. Unfortunately I don’t have time to keep doing that. It is very frustrating. Can you please make it possible to move forward in the videos? Thank you. Andi Jacobs

Thanks again Jeremy!

LOVED this workout - thank you Jeremy!

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