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Pilates Inspired Core Challenge



Have you tried Pilates on the bellicon? Strengthen your core and get your cardio in with Fayth at Lido Beach in Florida.

Great morning workout, thank-you! 

Love your hair cut and love the video.  More Pilates on the Bellicon please...and please make another short morning stretch video.  We have two Bellicons and my husband and i work out to your videos together....we think you are great!  Oh, and make another getting arms ready for summer video!  Thank You!

What a perfect morning wake-up workout! Thank you

How is it possible to burn 0 calories? You burn 63 calories an hour just by being alive [:08:]

this was my favorite class!![:06:]

Thank you Fayth, enjoyed the focus of this workout and the tranquility of the setting :) hope you enjoyed your swim!

great pilates set. I feel great after, thank you

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