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Pilates Inspired Core Challenge



Have you tried Pilates on the bellicon? Strengthen your core and get your cardio in with Fayth at Lido Beach in Florida.

I am new here and I watched the beginners video with you and I immediately thought . . ." Oh this instructor is really good -I think she is a Pilates teacher!"  I loved this class.  I have done pilates for years but an injury is what brought me to bellicon.  I love it and especially[:06:] your classes.  Thanks so much.

Love this video!! Pilates on the Bellicon, the beach in the background and being part of the fun you are obviously having, what workout could be better to start the day??

Thanks for the nice view. I wish I was there. I leave in Bruges (Belgium). I speak Flemish.  It's not always easy to understand the English worths.  You do it wonderful.
Where is your beautiful long hair? 

Hello Fayth,
thanks for this great workout. I would love to see more pilates videos from you.

I enjoyed the workout.  It had a nice flow.

GREAT Saturday morning workout!! Please, more pilates on the Bellicon! You are such an awesome teacher, Fayth:)

beautiful workout. in the last minutes film and talk doesn´t go together.


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