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Brainbooster Challenge #4



Welcome to my Brainbooster Challenge #4! 

très bon exercice de coordination qui doit être répété !!!en français cela serait mieux[:02:]
very good coordination exercise that must be repeated !!! in French it would be better[:02:]

just had some bowen therapy and this was amongst the allowed and encouraged  options to move. good stuff for recovery

fantastic trainer, very good work. thank you[:01:]

Thank you Fayth. This was my first video/time on my new Bellicon (Classic Plus, Confetti/Green) [:01:]. Feeling encouraged!

Just what I needed today. Love your haircut, Fayth!!

Fun cool down and stretch routine to do after a higher intensity video.
i jogged instead of marched to increase the cardio a bit.

Enjoyable light routine, I do this type of workout while the family watches tv and I want to get off the sofa for a few minutes! 

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