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Sarah's Move & Bounce Mix



Join Sarah by a beautiful Lily Pond in Chicago for a 45 minute full body bounce.

Thank you all for the great feedback! [:01:]

Everything about this class was perfect.

Hi Sarah, that was great. Felt easy but I was sweating the whole time. Love that. 

Love this one.  I like the unique stretches at the end too.  Nice setting.

I absolutely love this workout. Thank you Sarah. I feel fantastic![:06:]

Awesome class!!  I would love to see more classes like this that give a full body workout and that are longer in length.

Fantastic loved it, brings together so many skills that have been developed over a year of Bellicon training and so easy to integrate the tucked-under postures I've been learning in TaiChi.  Love how all the Bellicon trainers are so different, each one is my favourite whenever I'm doing their video.  I liked this long workout and although it was never really intense it was pretty constant I was really tired by the end.  As much by concentrating on doing the moves properly as on the actual jumps.  Luckily for me no glitches during the video.  Thank!  

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