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Sarah's Move & Bounce Mix



Join Sarah by a beautiful Lily Pond in Chicago for a 45 minute full body bounce.

brilliant work out - more long full body ones like this please

Thank you all for letting us know. I’m so sorry for the glitches. While we sort this out, double check your WiFi in the meantime to make sure it’s not going in and out 

Video kept pausing and for way too long. I finally shut it off.  Lots of glitches

great workout, Sarah! thank you so much!!

This workout looks like so much fun! I've attempted to go through it several times and the video gets stuck. Long pauses. I've tried shutting down my computer but still, LONG pauses. Any suggestions? Thanks for your fun, effective videos!!!

Love this workout however the video has timing glitches in it. Don’t remove it! Just giving feedback....

Love it!!!

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