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Gentle Self Care Sequence



Need some time to yourself and some gentle and rejuvenating moves? If so, this sequence is for you. Work on breathing, get lymphatic fluid flowing, articulate the spine, and open the heart with this calming sequence.

I really enjoyed this video... taking time to slow down is always difficult so this is a wonderful reminder to take time for myself.  

What a relaxing work out! I love the beautiful room you're in. My body really likes the spinal movements and audible breaths - I could feel emotional tension leaving my body!

Hi Faith,
Love all your workouts.  More 45 minute moderate cardio workouts for the soon to qualify for medicare set, please!

What a delicious workout! Thank you, Fayth :)

perfect for a break in study. thankyou

Thanks again, Fayth for giving me techniques to wind down my nervous system! Love it!!!

Thank you Fayth for the very best course ; Is it very soft for my neck pain. I follow you from South of France.   Grazie [:01:]  

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