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Gentle Self Care Sequence



Need some time to yourself and some gentle and rejuvenating moves? If so, this sequence is for you. Work on breathing, get lymphatic fluid flowing, articulate the spine, and open the heart with this calming sequence.

HI Fayth,
Just what I needed. Started a full time job will tell you more another time. Stress is this was PERFECT. Thank YOU!!!![:06:]

Thanks, Fayth! I needed to slow down today. Thanks for your loving care and your amazing videos!!!

I came home tonight looking forward to repeating a saved relaxation video & I was found this one! Just what I needed tonight! Thank you!


What happened to the video on exercises to do after a hip replacement  ???  Thx  !!

It a perfect Start in to the day [:01:] for a day with evening practice.

I like the gentleness since my knee has been tender due to squats off the side of the Bellicon with one of Jeremy's sessions. It seemed well balanced between the progressive relaxation, the core, balances and breathing. Looking forward to a series as Fayth alluded to.

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