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Brainbooster Challenge #1



Start the day with a little exercise for the noggin! Introducing our first Brainbooster Challenge!

Très  bien, très relaxant et efficace. Merci Fait pour votre professionnalisme. 
Denise de Belgique

Love your videos! This was a fun one, perfect for after my Expresso bike training. I do appreciate you reversing the “left” and “right” commands to match my L & R since I always mirror the instructor. [:11:]

I absolutely love how thorough your explanations are! thanks for a great brain teaser.  

Yes!! Simply the best!! Great workout! Good to see you again Fayth! <3  How's it going?

One little remark: one of the challenges  for me was to work out if RIGHT means RIGHT  ;-), because the system changed in between and then changed back when stretching  ;-)

(I always ask myself at the beginning: "Is this a coach who reverses sides or not, so what do I do when he/she says LEFT?"   :-D  )   I know it must be really hard. Do you guys have huge signs next to the camera with an L and an R on them?

Please more of this, and it could even have a longer part where the whole choreography is repeated a couple of times!  Looking forward! [:01:]

Thanks, Fayth!! And Congratulations!!!

Enjoyed this brain booster. I would love to coordinate these moves at a higher intensity!

I liked this new brain challenge exercise.[:01:]

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