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Strong Balance, Speed and Height



Get strong balance, speed and height with this new video. Get a great workout from your squats - toning and strengthening those glutes and quads muscles.

I enjoyed the combination of cardio and leg/glutes. This is at a faster pace than other of Daisy's videos, which I like for the variety. It is routines like this that I got a trampoline - exercise that doesn't feel like exercise! Thanks

Loved it!!  Not too difficult coordination.  Will definitely do again.

Excellent video Daisy for my first one back after surgery!! I missed bouncing with you for a while but great to get back to The Daisy Daily Videos!! :) Love your ENERGY

Two thumbs up!!

excellent work Daisy!

As always, a great Daisy workout.  Very leg intensive and I will be feeling this one![:01:]

Managed without the t bar as I don't have one. Great workout if a little fast for me in places but to me as long as you are moving you doing well. Would love some more full body workouts too please lasting for about 30 mins and including a good warm up and cool down. Thank you. 

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