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Controlled Power & Stability Bounce



Improving your stability it is not only necessary to train your balance, but also your power and this workout combines these two aspects to strengthen your fitness.

Jeremy you KILLED my on that One lol lol lol. I LOVED IT!!! You ROCK!!!!!

Great workout; I enjoyed the challenges! I strongly object to the music, especially towards the end, however. It is like standing close to a Formula 1 Race without the earplugs...

Sweating down to my toes, thank you! :)

Wow haven't done that one for a while my balance & coordination has definitely improved on the bellicon a great class more from Jeremy please longer in duration as well

Still a fab workout J! Any more coming?

Great Job Jeremy....Loved it!!!! 

I love Jeremy and Fayth!  More videos from both please! 

This might be my new favorite Jeremy video. I love the high jumping and the plyo moves - really fun, and a great time-efficient workout. More like this please.

I have to agree with an earlier poster, the music is a little hot for the trainers' voices in many videos.

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