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Full Body Tone Workout



Get ready for this all around, sweat inducing, muscle building workout.

Video was stuck at the last 2 -3 mins...I think 3:48 ; kept repeating John's last leg stretch!  Could not manually advance it to the end either.  Loved it otherwise!

I enjoyed everything about this video except the intensity. I'm surprised how easy level 8's on this platform are for me. I'm a 56 year old woman, not out of shape but not extremely fit either. At least that is what I thought. I've only found one level 10 workout so far. I intensified it a little bit, but would love to find videos that provided a little higher intensity. But great job on the video. Great instruction, nice setting, good flow. And congrats on your baby, Fayth.

Awesome workout!  

Had big problems in playing..its stopping almost every 3 Minutes...but what i saw was good..maybe you could fix that!?


Great job Fayth, always great instruction. How is the new Momma doing? Hope you got a sleeper. Blessings

simply great and uplifting :-)

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