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Full Body Tone Workout



Get ready for this all around, sweat inducing, muscle building workout.

This video always behaves for me like it's on the cheapest Amazon EWS storage available...huge gaps in play.  Anyone else?

I get the same delay on Faiths videos.......drops out all the time....great when it works but v frustrating when you're wanting to get on with there anything belicon can do to resolve this as it seems to be a universal problem.......tried loads of other videos here without the same issue...

Love this longer and challenging work-out! Thank you!

Why if you bounce while standing on one leg ?[:02:]

Super great job Fayth !!![:06:]

I'm a beginner so this was really tough for me.  I modified quite a bit but still got a great workout.  

Great workout! really enjoyed it - thank you.[:01:]

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