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Full Body Tone Workout



Get ready for this all around, sweat inducing, muscle building workout.

Great idea to make a pregnant woman tell a man what to do[:01:] please transfer this method to the German Trainers! Ingo (Germany)

LOVED THIS!!  Is baby here already?

Hi, I too have had stalling issues for several months.  I have a 6 month old kindle, brand new router and modem.  I do NOT have issues watching and doing other exercise programs I subscribe to, (i subscribe to two.) I just completed Daisy's 40 minute video, it stalled and I switched to our laptop.  Still stalled.  I have tried using chrome, firefox, internet explorer, and silk over the past several months and nothing seems to resolve this. I love my bellicon and Be360 workouts.  I just don't know what else to do on my end.

This video always behaves for me like it's on the cheapest Amazon EWS storage available...huge gaps in play.  Anyone else?

I get the same delay on Faiths videos.......drops out all the time....great when it works but v frustrating when you're wanting to get on with there anything belicon can do to resolve this as it seems to be a universal problem.......tried loads of other videos here without the same issue...

Love this longer and challenging work-out! Thank you!

Why if you bounce while standing on one leg ?[:02:]

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