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Hip & Leg Strengthening Workout



Improve your strength with small movements. The bellicon plus is optional though it may be useful for extra support. Strong balance is the goal of this video!

Is there some way to share this with someone who is not on Bellicon Home? I want to inspire them to get Bellicon Home. Sometimes you have a way to send someone a link.


I just got my six week precautions lifted after my hip surgery and this showed up in my email. Couldn't have been better timing. Can't wait to get going

Good form tips, Fayth - it was as though you could see when I needed to make little form adjustments throughout the video. This was a good follow-up to Jeremy's Full Body Burn. I don't have a T-bar and pull my Bellicon up to a chest of drawers in my bedroom and place my fingers on the top of the chest.  Suggestion for future consideration: if a video requires props such as the hand weights, ball, exercise tubing, loops, etc., could you put that in the description of the video so we could gather those before hitting Start?  [:01:]

Wow this is just the exercise that I have been looking for to complement other hip and lower leg exercises to improve balance and re-build strength. Thank you.

What kind of ball are you using?

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