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Remy D.'s Strength Without Weights Workout



Remy shows you how you can use your own body to increase strength without weights.

It's hard to see the clock because it is white and there is a light background.
It would be nice to describe what the moves are a little better.
But, good video and nice new ideas.

absolutly great!!![:01:]

I really like this workout, but each time I do it....the video freezes up several times.  

fantastic, amazing,excellent workout, I am sooooo impresed how much we can do in a little time, this will be my favourite, thank you so much

Thank you, Remy! I did a lot of work on the computer this morning and this workout was the perfect remedy!

Loved this workout.  Had to stop sometimes as I couldn't keep up especially with the leg presses but I'll keep trying.

Very good workout and: fun![:01:]

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