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Daniels Bein-Challenge! Starke Beine & Po



I really enjoyed this !!  Thanks I'll be back for sure!!!  The language was not a barrier at all! 

Hallo Daniel, vielen Dank für das tolle Video.
Die Zeit ging schnell vorbei 

Easy to follow in all languages and a great leg workout.  Thank you!

Great working, my thighs are feeling it

Loved it.  I don't speak German, but I'm happy they added these German videos to give me more variety.  I thought it was a great workout!  

Too bad it is in German!!!
Don't understand a word so not able to do those workouts

Schön mal ein Video auf deutsch zu sehen :). Super, dass die Beine am Ende noch gedehnt worden sind, sowas fehlt mir manchmal. Wirklich tolles Training, danke!

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