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Cardiotraining - Der Boxerlauf



Eine kurze und intenstive Trainingseinheit, die ein Lauftraining und verschiedene Schlagvarianten aus dem Boxen kombiniert.

More intensive cardio boxer training, please!

super Training 

Enjoyed this, I hope to see longer ones in the future. SN: I learned a little German too.

Grad war mir noch kalt. Das Oroblem hab ich jetzt nicht mehr[:01:]

Great workout! Could you do a whole 30 minute boxing workout? Would be awesome! 

Love boxing workouts, more of these please

What a fun 8 minutes of boxing drills. Short, but gets your heart rate up. Loved this - will definitely do it again. Unfortunately I don't look as cool as Daniel since I don't have boxing gloves! [:02:] And no worries if you don't speak German for those on the US platform - easy to follow.

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