Power up



A leg-strengthening workout that will also get your heart pumping. Combines faster, sprint-like bounces with slower, muscle-enhancing exercises for improved lower body strength.

Nice little workout![:01:]

Outstanding workout!!

What an awesome work our and I loved the music selection. Great workout Jeremy![:02:]  

This is a tough one for me specially the end of it, but it is an excellent workout for the lower body. Merci Jeremy :-)

Fantastic workout!

I love the cardio part of this workout but I am only 5,3 so I could not do the "jump part" of it. I had to replace it with something else.

I've really missed my bellicon workouts with Jeremy! I've been overseas on a great surf holiday for 3 weeks and the only thing I missed from home was these workouts and my beloved bellicon! I'm certainly bellicon addicted for life ;-)

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