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Remy D.'s Balance Challenge



You haven't seen balance like this before. Remy puts you to the test.


So, surgeries on each knee, a rebuilt left ankle, screws holding both big toes on both feet and an irreparably damaged semicircular canal - Bellicon has always challenged my balance, but I really NEEDED this video.  I see this one as an add-on three to four times a week.  Many, many thanks!

great balance work

excellent sequence for a pre sweat session. 

I love this and have been doing morning and night. I used to do similar balancing on firm ground, this is a lot more of a challenge, plus interesting to notice the difference from one side to the other. Thank you!

My first workout, looks easy, is not. Good to know we can grow into our Bellicon! [:01:]

I loved this video, you can't have too much balance [:02:] My only comment (and I say this about most video's here) is that I don't really want to see what feet are doing as by the time the camera goes back up to the hands/arms they've moved and mine aren't doing the same thing [:05:] Otherwise definitely adding to my favourites!

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