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Daisy's Just Dance Workout



I'm back with a fun dance workout for y'all!

Apologies, I just found the cast button! Enjoyed this video thanks. 

Still no cast button, as far as I can see.  I don't understand how most people can use these without one, unless you happen to have the rebounder in the same room as a full size pc. Anyway it's no use to me, can you let me know how I apply for a refund of my subscription please? 

Love it! Super fun! The time flew by like I was at a dance party. More workouts like this PLEASE! [:06:]

Excellent one.  Good speed and variety, Daisy is a great instructor.  Thanks.

After a long saturdaynight out there this was simply perfect and vitalizing ! [:01:]

Hi Daisy
it was so much fünf bouncing with you.

daisy rocks! more dance parties, please!

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