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Prenatal Series Part 3: Glutes



Prenatal Series Part 3: Glutes

My pregnancy was long ago...30 Years. But this training is nice for getting in between work and homework. I enjoyed it very much[:01:]

Hello Fayth. Even though I'm not pregnant, simply had to check out this series. I used to be a prenatal yoga instructor and I love supporting women to have happy healthy pregnancy and birth experiences.  So good to see you! Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful birth day!

I love that you have a series of workouts that I can do during pregnancy! I'm 27 weeks pregnant now, and untill now I have worked with most of Fayth's other work-outs (whereas pre-pregnancy I used Jeremy's workouts more often, since in general they are a bit more intense). I still encorporate bouncing where possible, but I can imagine that at the end of the pregnancy that may not be comfortable anymore. Thanks a lot for this series! Interested to see a series on post-pregnancy work-outs in a few months ;-)

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