Glute Lifter



Get those glutes into shape by following these simple moves with Fayth and Anna.

Anna is working out on a bellicon Classic 44" with X-Strong bungees in this video. You can take a look at this configuration here:
Check it out here:

What an early morning burner! Got work to do here! With my bad ankle I cannot do lunges, would you have an alternative move to replace them? 

I think that you do need the T-bar to use for balance for this segment.  Otherwise, I really liked it![:01:]

Wow! Combined with the Summer Arm Workout this is a killer! I definitely need to do some more hip openers and maybe a foam roller afterward to really get a good stretch after this fabulous lower body workout![:08:]

great to incorporate in class

Can I do this workout if I don't have the t-bar?

Another brilliant glutes have been challenged! Thank you [:06:] 

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