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This reenergizing workout offers you the opportunity to wake your body up, not only in the morning, but if you need a quick boost for yourself in a small gap of your daily routine.

great [:02:] merci jeremy 

Dear Jeremy,

You are a superb guide and athletic inspiration!  I enjoy all of your videos...this one, in particular, helps me to remember that not every day needs to be high speed push push...although my personality wants to do your tennis workout all of the time [:01:]...light  movement is so important too.  Thank you for your thoughtful prompts and creative Bellicon workouts.

Level 7? I am amazed every time I choose this video! :-  How can this be a level 7?

Einheit 1 und 2 sind relative einfache Übungen, etwas zu wenig Variationen / nur wenig Abwechslung / ich dachte Level 8 wäre schwieriger. Für mich mit 68 Jahren Alter ist das zu wenig Anforderung.  

Loved this, thank you! I´m on day 2 of one of your plans and am really enjoying it. You have a great teaching style! Shall be doing plenty more of your vids. Have a great day ya all [:01:]

Great way to start the day

Thank you again Jeremy. Happy Easter. God Bless.

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