Body Wake up



This reenergizing workout offers you the opportunity to wake your body up, not only in the morning, but if you need a quick boost for yourself in a small gap of your daily routine.

It's OK, but a little disapppointed. Usually like Jeremy's videos but found this one a bit repetitious - but would have liked more stretching and upper body twisting to wake the whole body.

Super start into the day! Thx!

Jeremy, Thanks for another wonderful start to my day[:06:]

That one is perfect for the "lazy" days, nice and simple with soft music

II LOVE this workout....Thank you fro giving it a high rating....this makes me feel very, very good about myself. Jeremy is Great!

I just love this one for a nice morning wake up. Jeremy you are so calm which is very pleasant to start my day :-)  MERCI!!!

This workout is just perfect to wake me up but it should be rated level 5, not 7. 
I then do the "big bounce" workout from Jeremy. 
Jeremy, I love the calm and simple way you have to train us!!! 

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