Body Wake up



This reenergizing workout offers you the opportunity to wake your body up, not only in the morning, but if you need a quick boost for yourself in a small gap of your daily routine.

Level 7? I am amazed every time I choose this video! :-  How can this be a level 7?

Einheit 1 und 2 sind relative einfache Übungen, etwas zu wenig Variationen / nur wenig Abwechslung / ich dachte Level 8 wäre schwieriger. Für mich mit 68 Jahren Alter ist das zu wenig Anforderung.  

Loved this, thank you! I´m on day 2 of one of your plans and am really enjoying it. You have a great teaching style! Shall be doing plenty more of your vids. Have a great day ya all [:01:]

Great way to start the day

Thank you again Jeremy. Happy Easter. God Bless.

Thank you Jeremy.

Thank you Jeremy.

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