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This reenergizing workout offers you the opportunity to wake your body up, not only in the morning, but if you need a quick boost for yourself in a small gap of your daily routine.

Jeremy getting back to bouncing after too long of a break! I was going to PT for my back. This video incorporated many of the moves I was doing in PT. However, I feel I got much more out of the moves by doing on the Bellicon as I had to engage my core more. Thank you! I enjoy your videos and am inspired to keep going.

Great morning routine! Love him, he is so relaxing to watch and listen to !!!

Thanks, Jeremy. I used this at the end of the day as a warm-down but can see that it would be lovely at the start of the day as you suggest. My only issue is that I think this is more of a level 4 or at most, a 5. Just my two cents. I will look forward to incorporating this workout into my routines. Best wishes

Thank  you!  Just what I needed to get back into my  daily rebounding after  a four day hiatus.

great [:02:] merci jeremy 

Dear Jeremy,

You are a superb guide and athletic inspiration!  I enjoy all of your videos...this one, in particular, helps me to remember that not every day needs to be high speed push push...although my personality wants to do your tennis workout all of the time [:01:]...light  movement is so important too.  Thank you for your thoughtful prompts and creative Bellicon workouts.

Level 7? I am amazed every time I choose this video! :-  How can this be a level 7?

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