Basic Bounce



Basic bouncing on the bellicon with the beautiful chicago Skyline in the background.

This was a very enjoyable warm-up bounce. I would consider it more of a level 4 or 5, however. To me, a level 7 would include more challenging cardio. I loved the setting and the music. However, because of the angle of the camera, it was difficult to always see Jeremy's feet positions. Nonetheless, thanks for a lovely session.

Thanks Jeremy, love this relatively easy workout for those days when I don't feel like thrashing it out [:01:]

A new favorite!  I love how Jeremy allows us to find our own center and edge. 

Love all your videos, Jeremy.  This is a good one just to get the heart pumping when you’re short on time.

Nice workout!

enjoyed this pace. I'll look for more Jeremy videos.

Thanks, Jeremy. Another great workout. I use this to add some cardio before my strength training.

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