Flow and Bounce



Awful workout if you're not watching the screen...

I love that he did not was awsome!!!

I don't like that he didn't talk at all. 

Disappointed!  The workout itself was great.  But there were no vocal cues until the last 10 seconds (weird).  Throughout the entire portion cat/cow, extending arm and leg, downward dog, and anything where you should be facing the floor in order to keep proper neck alignment, there were no cues to tell you what move he is doing or when he is switching moves.  Therefore, my head was turned up at the computer (poor neck alignment) the entire time.  Good form was impossible on this one except when bouncing because you had to keep looking at the screen to see when he was switching moves.  This was a total shock to me as both Jeremy and Faythe usually give good verbal/form cues.  [:10:]

i like this sequence to incorporate into a 50 min workout

Liked this one especially, wish you had more of these outdoor locations!

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