Flow and Bounce



A balanced workout with with a moderate amount of cardio and plenty of stretching. Performed outdoors next to “The Bean” in Chicago’s Millennium Park.

At fist I was "Where are the verbal clues, I was cat/cowing for a long time -- and then I realized when I was just watching..."Hey this is different --- this is a bit more flow.  Cool!" I will use this again for sure!

It was a great workout, but I missed hearing the verbal cues as the exercise changed.

Zum Wachwerden Superklasse!! Dankeschön

This video absolutely needed vocal cues. For me, it is not a good workout, if I have to continually look up to figure out if the move has changed to a different one.  Extremely aggravating for me.[:05:]

Thanks Jeremy, I am loving your 'Bean' series workouts!


Ruhe und wenige Worte sind zwar gut, aber ab und zu ein Hinweis, damit man mitbekommt, dass eine neue Übung kommt, wäre doch hilfreich, besonders wenn man z. B. den Kopf gerade nach unten hat oder den Blick in Richtung Boden.

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