Flow and Bounce



A balanced workout with with a moderate amount of cardio and plenty of stretching. Performed outdoors next to “The Bean” in Chicago’s Millennium Park.

Nice way to relax at the end of work!

great morning beginning!

This video really needed vocal cues - especially when he's doing the mat moves. Disrupts the flow of the video to have to keep looking up to check what he's doing next or if he's moved on to the next move. Also, the medium shots need to go. It's nice to see Jeremy's smiling face from the waist up but they were held too long and we had to guess what he was doing with his feet.

That's a perfect full body workout.... and perfect moves when being a little lazy ;-)
Merci Jeremy :-)

How about watching at first video and than repeating exercises to avoid bad neck alignement?!

Awful workout if you're not watching the screen...

I love that he did not was awsome!!!

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