Lymphatic Cleanse



Hi Jeremy, I know you probably shot this video forever ago, but I wanted to ask about one of the moves. Early on, and repeated throughout with some of the basic bouncing, are you lifting your shoulders up and down, or is it just the natural rise and fall of your shoulders as you bounce. Sorry for being pedantic! I really love this workout, one of my favs. 
Thanks, Anna[:01:]

Only a newbie to all that is  bellicon but this is definitely a favourite workout for me! Thanks Jeremy :)

I need words.  For me there was a quality of a surreal dream at times, because there was no language to cue me into new moves I hadn't done before.  Loved the back drop and Jeremy's kind demeanor, but need more guidance.  

Really like this workout. Great start to the day.

One of my favorites when too lazy to do cardio!
Simple workout that wakes up gently all muscles.
I love the music too! Merci Jeremy :-)

That was absolute fun [:06:]i am soon back.Thank you..

SO MUCH FUN !!! Jeremy is a bouncing God [:01:]

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