Lymphatic Cleanse



A challenging cardio workout that encourages lymphatic flow and boosts your immune system.

I also liked the bean! And the fact that there was no talking is a nice novelty BUT when when there are subtle changes like changing the direction of arms or legs from clockwise to counter clockwise it would be good to have a heads up because the camera (or my screen) does not always capture it well.  

I love the bean videos!  I appreciate that 'less talking' too! Just as in the bounce and flow video -- it really helps me get in the flow with less verbal cues -- even thought at first I was bit "where is the talking?"  I do appreciate it after all!

Wonderful workpit

Nice and easy workout love it

Nice! Excellent way to wake up your body .... and you!
love it

Nice quick workout for days I want to take it a bit easy, but still get a good lymphatic cleanse, cardio, and energy boost [:06:]

Hi Jeremy, I know you probably shot this video forever ago, but I wanted to ask about one of the moves. Early on, and repeated throughout with some of the basic bouncing, are you lifting your shoulders up and down, or is it just the natural rise and fall of your shoulders as you bounce. Sorry for being pedantic! I really love this workout, one of my favs. 
Thanks, Anna[:01:]

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