Weight Loss #8




It was a great workout. I felt great afterwards.

I loved this one -- it really gives a full body workout that's enjoyable even while it's a challenge.

I love fayth caruso's videos as she has a lovely voice and explains clearly what to do .. also her videos have lots of different mvoes in them which makes for a balanced workout.  My favourite one is Weight Loss #8 - i keep repeating this one - is it OK to do the same one over and over?  it's my favourite!

Nice workout!  I like the variety of bounces.

Tough workout - you nearly killed poor Billy. Love him!

Great instruction Fayth!  Thank you for keeping it real Billy!!!!!!

This workout was just enough- for an overall quick workout. Love the variety of exercises! Good cardio if you just don't have an hour!!! Thanks! Will do this one again & again!!!

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