Weight Loss #8




Hello! Sometimes when Ive completed a workout and clicked “Just right” or whatever, it comes up the next day as not completed. I have to fast forward through it to open the next video in the series and it says that I wont get my reward points!
Really enjoying bouncing.
Has anyone thought of doing a Laughing Yoga Bounce series?
Jane :)

Great workout Fayth!  Really got me breathing and sweating.  I loved the variation in moves and not a lot of coordination needed.  Hope you keep doing more of these workouts

Love the warm up, cool down and stretches before and after the cardio section!

My favourite from the weight loss series. I like the 20+ different moves!... and I allow myself to do another move if I feel like not crossing the bellicon in order to do a squat on either side!  :-D  The planking is real tough, I am looking forward to the time when it will be easy-peasy for me![:01:]

Faythe you are AMAZING. I love your integrity to form and movement. The fact that Billy is so real is the best!

Loved this workout. Faythe.  Billy does an amazing job and keeps me motivated. The squat jumps really challenged me.

Loved this...great cardio I feel amazing! Thanks Fayth, well done Billy!

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