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Remy D.'s High Intensity Interval Training



Fabulous!  HIIT is a winner. Thank you! [:11:]

I love my Bellicon! I have been bouncing for almost 2 years and I never get tired of ! I have knee issues from running and I love that there is cardio exercise I can do that doesn’t bother my knees!  I love that the Bellicon works my lymph system and strengthens my weak ankles! I love that my Bellicon builds my bone density and makes me sweat every time I use it. I love that there are so many different exercises I can do on my Bellicon - I even use  it for meditation! I love Jeremy and Faith and Remy!  I really, really love my Bellicon! 

Merci Remy!!!! Pretty hard but I love it!!!

One of my favs

Efficient use of time for sure!

One of my all time favourites!! Thank you Remy!!

I just two of these back to back.  What an awesome and fun routine.  The bear crawl jumps in and out definitely let me know I need to be doing of these and/or lower ab strengthening.  Youch!!!!

Wow!!  Best HIIT workout I've ever had.  Beats sprints or burpees on solid ground any day!  Thank you!

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