Weight Loss #7



Fayth and Paige take you through another weight loss video. New moves are introduced.

Nice workout. But I dont' like /the boxing moovments. And the combination of Boxing, moovment to the side and legs side up are too fast changing. Not possible to make, eaven slowly. It was not realy a motivation. The rest, was perfect.

Okay, I've been doing great and have been LOVING this Weight Loss series(!), but this one, in my opinion, definitely feels out of sequence, as the many new/challenging elements definitely need "working up to"!! Numerous times I felt completely out of control - as though I was doing my body more harm than good! (Even trying to slow down and go at my own speed wasn't working ...) For this reason, I made it more than halfway through, but decided to quit and seek out another video for today's workout. This was disheartening, to say the least, as I've felt ready for each subsequent video up to this point. Might I suggest altering this workout, or perhaps changing up the order? 

Choreo zu Schwierig zu schneller Wechsel; Choreo change too  fast


Loved it!



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