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High Intensity T-bar Cardio Blast



Fun!  I liked the incorporation of the weights.  More videos from Daisy please!

Brilliant one of my new favourites. I don't have a t bar and still managed it. 

When will you do another video? 

I follow Daisy on instagram and would love to see anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes (full body) videos with her instruction.

I find myself going to Daisy's videos often.  i like the fact that this one (and her other shorter workout) is all bouncing (no pushups or squats on the floor, etc.).  Her cuing is great, and I enjoy the variety of moves as well as how she incorporates weights into a portion of this one.  Great workout too!  Hoping for MANY more from Daisy (maybe one that is about 30 minutes?).

What size trampoline do you have?  44" or 49"

Thanks for offering both the shorter and longer version of this workout. Adding the variety of the weights is helpul--I'm surprised that my upper body is loosening up so much from these workouts; adding light weights for strength too is a bonus.

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