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High Intensity T-bar Cardio Blast



Love Daisy's videos.  They have the best music.  Would love to see some in the 30-60 minutes range.

Favorite Video by far.  This is exactly the type of workout I have been looking for.  Would love a longer full body version.

More please!

This *is* a fun workout and she does have great cueing.  Will have to see what else Daisy has on belliconhome.

This is still one of my favorites!  Love the fact that it is all bouncing.

great workout - fun - i like the timing of the sequences 

LOVED this video, my favorite so far that I've tried.  And not just because I'm originally from Louisiana and loved hearing her say "y'all", but the workout was fun.  This has convinced me that I'm ordering the Bellicon Plus!!

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