The Golfer Workout



Hit it Deep: The Golfer Workout - not just for Golfers!

Awesome sequences!  Bellicon’s video make me want to stay on the trampoline all day long :) 

Never though about exercise for Golf.  I didn't have the cables but did it anyway.  Nice workout.

love these moves!

I've been enjoying these videos during my trial.  I've had my Bellicon for a couple of years but haven't been consistent. These videos are getting me moving in a gentle way.
I'm a 56yr female who has had both her hips replaced. I'm stiff all the time but I'm moving now.
i I will sign up for the videos when my trial ends.
Thank you for this opportunity.

Love the sport- specific work out. Especially golf!

Great, thank you Donna. [:01:]

great video. I would love more like it as a golfer. 

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