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Remy D.'s Thigh and Ab Burn



stellar moves and sequences - LOVE this workout

Shake it baby! haha what a great workout thank you! 

I joined the army today!!  real bootcamp workout!!   thanks  Remy  I really need this....

Loved this one soo much! Beautiful location! :) 

I love the workout and Remy is amazing.  I feel so good after this one.  Thank you!!!!!

very nice intense and short in time. loving it!

Roos, Zwolle

I really LOVE THE NATURE BACKGROUND IN THIS VIDEO! It is so beautiful and peaceful! Please have more of these outdoor workouts - it really motivates us and inspires  us at the same time! I really enjoy Remy vibe as a teacher- he must do yoga or some  kind of meditation as he has a very peaceful kind and relax energy to him. LOVE IT!

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